About UDL


UDL Mission 

To provide an entertaining sports platform through organized dance competitions. UDL presents professional dancing in the same arena as the professional sports and athletic world. “Dancers Are Athletes is not a slogan; It is a lifestyle.

The Founder 

UDL Founder Anthony Rue II, better known in the dance world as AntBoogie, is the founder and leader of one of the most commercially successful dance groups: The Amount Boyz. AntBoogie was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He attended New York City's acclaimed "Fame" school Fiorella La Guardia High School of the Performing Arts.

Before becoming a professional working with such names like Madonna, Jay-z and P.Diddy, appearing in movies Honey and Dream girls, Anthony danced on the streets of Manhattan to support himself. Anthony went on to found Urban Dance League: an interactive competitive hip hop dance league that puts professional dancing in the same arena as the professional sports and athletic world. Catering to the New York City community, Urban Dance League has given so many people the opportunity to train, compete, grow, and perform in an uplifting setting allowing their talents and passions to shine. Urban Dance League serves its community as the professional dance platform to take any dancer and sports enthusiast to the next level. 

Joining UDL

One of the main goals is to improve the community. Since 2012, UDL has aimed to do this by building up its participants in a supportive environment where people can train and compete to their fullest potential. UDL offers dance classes, career advice, fitness training, jobs and one on one lessons to help anyone at any level succeed. Interested in joining contact us Info@UrbanDanceLeague.com 

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